Understanding ERIS

Helping industrials facing evaporation problems

lutter contre evaporation fluideVolatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are of major concern for industrials of oil & gas, chemicals, cosmetics or food sectors.

Losses of light hydrocarbons due to evaporation during their storage periods lead to impacts in terms of:

  • Economy (losses of value added products)
  • Environment (VOCs atmospheric rejections)
  • Safety (Fire and explosion hazards because of flammable and explosive atmosphere formation)

ERIS benefits


11769409_lInstallation of the Intelligent Floating roof by elbe petro is very quick and easy, with no on site assembly required, cutting both setup costs and tank downtime.

Elbé petro’s floating roof can be installed in a used tank to expand its lifetime, and does not need any maintenance.


10216759_sERIS floating roof is a particularly economic solution. Investment cost is low, ensuring a quick profitability. The efficiency of Eris solution by elbe petro helps you to increase the yields of tanks.
For example, for a given 36,6m diameter tank storing light hydrocarbons, ERIS system can save up to 280 tons/year.


7356367_lElbe petro’s floating roof is compliant for a usage in explosive environment.

The material used to make the floaters has been specifically developed to dissipate electrostatic charges with a given static decay.

The efficiency of ERIS system helps avoiding flammable atmosphere around tanks.
Volatile Organic Compounds evaporation, in addition to environmental concerns, can lead to important damages of breathing systems of site workers.

Preventing evaporation of chemicals and petrochemicals helps preventing induced industrial risks.

The conformity to ATEX directive of elbé petro’s floaters is certified by INERIS (French National competence center for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection)


1551520_lYou store biofuels, advanced fuels to sink consumption…

It would be unfortunate if these precious green technologies evaporate and contribute to polluting the air and / or the surrounding groundwater. ERIS system efficiency contribute to reduce VOCs rejection.

Made of polymer, elbé petro’s floaters require much less energy to be produced than metal based floating roofs.

Preventing petrochemicals evaporation is protecting our environment