Who are we ?

Leader for evaporation savings while liquid storage

Subsidiary of the elbé technologies group

Settled down by elbé technologies, a private R&D holding company specialized in material engineering, elbé Petro offers efficient and cost effective solutions to prevent volatile liquid evaporation during tanking periods.

Our Commitments

Responsible-care elbé petro is a signatory of the global charter Responsible Care
elbé petro is an active member of both French national Chemical Industry Union (UIC) and the Oil & Gas Suppliers’ Industry Association (GEP-AFTP).

Elbé petro’s markets

Perfect alternative to usual internal floating roof, smart floaters ERIS -Evaporation Reduction Intelligent System- are particularly well suited for:

  • Tanks farms managers seeking for optimizing their economical and environmental performances
  • Tank manufacturers wishing to offer to their customers optimized products


ERIS range of products designed and developed by elbé petro has already been distinguished by:

  • 1st Prize for Innovation of the National Oil & Gas Industry Association, highlighting the contribution of SMEs to the performance of the French energy industry


  • Environment Award  of the French Chemical industry Association in the framework of the Responsible Care® Global Charter

They support us, we deeply thank them :

lorraine                                                     Ciime

Elbé petro inspired by Nature

Eris, Performance of biomimicry

Duckweeds deviate to the passage of a boat then returned to their initial ideal position, closing the water. I had the idea to mimic this ability to adapt by developing a floating roof composed of independent floaters, which are positioned on the surface of a tank in a continuous layer.

Laurent Bédel, elbé petro Founding CEO

Press writes about Elbé petro

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Overview of ERIS industrial applications


ERIS floaters range of products

Preventing volatile fluids losses by evaporation


ERIS for Oil & Gas indutry

Dedicated to hydrocarbons, fuels, solvents, aromatics… ERIS petro is ATEX compliant


ERIS for chemical industry

Dedicated to acids, bases, aldehydes, ERIS chem is ATEX compliant


ERIS for food industry

Dedicated to liquid food (alcohols, flavor…), ERIS Food is ATEX and FDA compliant